KLOK-08 pays tribute to the Sixties, from where it inherited the spirit and aesthetic codes. The creative and audacious 1960s broke the rules.

Available colors:
*White dial with rose gold plated stainless steel case [KLOK-08-D1]
*Warm gray dial & orange dot with stainless steel case [KLOK-08-D2]
*Black & absinthe yellow dial with stainless steel case [KLOK-08-D3]

*Swiss Made
*Driven by a high-tech Ronda movement [high precision Quartz movement]
*1.5 V batetry [approximately 16 months lifetime]

*Material: 316L stainless steel [KLOK-08 D2 and D4.1] or 316L stainless steel with rose gold color IP PVD [KLOK-01-D1]
*Dimensions: 39mm decorated polymer with built in magnifying lens [x1.4]
*Pushbutton at 8 o'clock to unlock the watch head from the klokers key [reference for the fixing system patent: WO 2016/001598]

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